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See GivingDNA in action alongside your peers in fundraising. Tour the Platform on 5/26/21 @ 12pm CDT.

Finding new donors and fans of your organization can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. In this presentation, Jennifer Bielat, EVP of Client Strategy at Pursuant and industry direct response veteran with 20 years leading programs for Easter Seals, will walk you through six guiding principles of donor acquisition so that your direct response efforts are effective at growing your donor base and also driving donor loyalty.

Webinar: Cultivate and Grow – 6 Guiding Principles of Acquisition that Drive Donor Loyalty

In this webinar, you will walk away with:

  • Understanding the importance of relationship fundraising and how it ties into your acquisition efforts and driving donor loyalty
  • The guiding principles of acquisition so that you can put the proper structure and best practices in place for a well-oiled program
  • Metrics and goals to pursue
  • Fresh ideas for testing acquisition packages
  • How to find the message that resonates best with your audience

Through using smart acquisition strategies, nonprofits can grow and cultivate the relationships for ultimate donor loyalty and lifetime value.