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See GivingDNA in action alongside your peers in fundraising. Tour the Platform on 5/26/21 @ 12pm CDT.

Your nonprofit has as much information about your donors as the best for-profit companies. The key is knowing how to use it in order to create exceptional donor experiences.

When we think about the way that a donor, supporter or volunteer may want to engage with our organization versus the reality of how they do engage, there are often opportunities to improve.  In this fast-paced world, creating engaging donor experiences will set your organization apart and will keep your biggest fans coming back for more, year after year.

Webinar: Recognize & Delight

In this webinar, Pursuant’s Vice President of Analytics & Insights, Matthew Mielcarek, explores how to leverage data to identify and design an ideal donor experience. Through sharing examples of some of his favorite brands, Matthew will unpack how your organization can:

  1. Leverage data to segment donors and create unique experiences for each group.
  2. Combine quantitative research & qualitative strategy to design the ideal donor experience.
  3. Identify the key “moments of truth” where your organization has the most valuable opportunities to deepen relationships with donors

Through using data in a smart way, nonprofits can show their constituents that they are recognized, heard, and valued.