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One of your most valuable marketing assets is your email list. Email is king when converting people with your online campaigns, even with other outbound marketing channels in mind. People don’t just engage with emails when they sit down at their computer. Mobile devices, wearables and virtual assistants have changed how people interact with email. No matter how they are consumed, your message has to be readable and engaging.

Portable Engagement

Marketers need to urgently prioritize mobile in email design. Fewer and fewer emails are opened at a desktop computer. Clear the clutter and keep your message concise. The most important information should live on the first screen before scrolling.

Also be sure to streamline your email design and content for easy, fast consumption. It should load easily and allow for straightforward navigation. Animation and video improve ease of engagement, showing your reader concepts instead of forcing them to do a lot of reading on a tiny screen. Calls-to-action should be direct, simple and obvious.

Content Targeting

With so much information about your target audience available, you have to put in the work to personalize your emails. Your subscribers are unique, so your messages should be directed to those individuals. 

Personalization goes beyond knowing the subscriber’s name. The reader wants content that is relevant to their individual interests. Target the message based on the content that initially drew them to you. Consider past donations when seeking your next donation from that person. 

Keep in mind that your emails are being compared to those sent by for-profit companies. Pay attention to the tactics they use. Employ similar elements that are appropriate in your own emails.

Improve the Email Experience

In order to get your subscribers to take action, you have to improve the email experience for them. Put your call-to-action at the top and bottom of the email. The best practice is to write your call-to-action first and design your email around it.

First impressions make lasting impressions. Hone your welcome email by testing and refining over time. Iteration improves emails, and future subscribers can benefit from the tweaks you make now.

Remember to bring value to your audience. Fundraising is about relationship-building, and it is key to focus on messages that highlight the value to your donors for being involved in your fundraising campaign, volunteer efforts or events. Before making the ask, explain the long-term value to the subscriber for reading your emails and staying engaged with your nonprofit organization.

With these small, uncomplicated adjustments, your email marketing should deliver greater engagement and more conversions.

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