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Pursuant Blog Pics 10.31.003The end of the year is an important time for almost every one of the 1.2 million nonprofit organizations in the United States. It shouldn’t be a surprise that your donors will more than likely being solicited by several, if not dozens of organizations over the next two months.

What can you do to captivate donors’ attention and inspire them to support your cause? How do you stand out? The secret lies in your ability to create a compelling case for support and strategically integrate your communication channels.

How to Craft a Compelling Story and Integrate Your Communication Channels

In our latest infographic, “The Ultimate Guide to Year-End Giving” we identified the fact that 70% of today’s donors give through multiple channels. How can you effectively engage them during your year-end campaign? Here are four ways:

  • Build your case for support around individual stories and compelling examples of how your nonprofit is making an impact. Maximize your effectiveness by building your case for support around individual stories. Put a face on your appeal. A compelling story indicates why you need your donor’s help and why the funds are important now.
  • Make gifts as tangible as possible. Show donors how their gift will impact your cause (i.e. – meals served, houses built, or animals vaccinated) and how much is needed to reach your goal so they understand the value of supporting your mission.
  • Integrate your communication channels for maximum impact. Include links to online donation pages in direct mail pieces. Offer donors multiple ways to give so they can choose their preference.
  • Stagger your communication at least every two weeks until mid-December. Maintain a balance between the most effective communication mediums. Most people are getting pummeled by offers from other organizations. If you stop communicating, you will fade into the distance. Donor value can increase from $100 based on one channel to as high as $200-250 using multiple channels!

Are you ready to take your year-end campaign to the next level?

Identifying your most compelling stories and case for support and identifying ways to integrate them in a multi-channel approach is an essential step.

If you’re ready to make the most of the opportunity that a year-end fundraising campaign can create, download our free infographic today to get your step-by-step guide to achieving your year-end fundraising goals.

We’d love to know: What is the compelling case for support your organization is using for your year-end campaign?