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Take a look at these eye-popping stats:

  • 95% of Americans now own a cell phone of some kind
  • 81% of Americans have adopted smartphones
  • 51% of Americans don’t have a landline anymore

The message is simple: Mobile isn’t on the rise; mobile has risen. More Americans are turning to mobile devices to find businesses and organizations, get information, and take actions like making purchases or donations. They are doing these things from anywhere and everywhere.

Check out these figures from MobileCause showing the importance of the mobile experience when it comes to connecting with donors:

  • 17% of all online giving comes from mobile devices
  • 38% more submissions are made due to mobile-friendly pages
  • 54% of nonprofit emails are read on mobile devices
  • 60% of donors researching your nonprofit online before making a donation do it on a mobile device

All of this to say, mobile is where your donors are. And you need to meet your donors where they are in order to provide them with the best digital experience.

4 Ways to Connect with More Donors on Mobile

Here are some tips to take your nonprofit’s mobile presence to the next level:


It should no longer be assumed that only a few people will visit your website from a mobile device. You should now assume the majority of your website visitors will be on mobile. You never want a donor to come to your site on mobile with the intent to give and—because the experience is lacking—decide they’ll do it later from their desktop. There’s a good chance they won’t.

  1. Think FAST

People should be able to quickly make a donation from your website on any device, from anywhere. Statistics show mobile sites that load in 5 seconds earn almost double the revenue of sites that take 19 seconds or more to load. Alternatively, 53% of mobile users abandon mobile sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. If your mobile donation process is slow and your website is slow to load, donors won’t stick around.


Providing a strong mobile experience means more than just having a “mobile-friendly” website. You want people who visit your site on mobile to be informed and impacted. You want your message to be delivered in a way that engages and moves them. Oftentimes these things are considered for desktop, but not fully thought through when it comes to mobile.


It’s not just your organization’s website that needs to be optimized for mobile, any landing pages or personalized URLs (PURLS) you provide supporters to fundraise on your behalf should be mobile-optimized as well. A mobile-optimized personalized page can lead to increased contributions, greater constituent engagement, and a much easier time raising money.

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