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Pursuant Blog Pics.001Capital campaigns are one of the most effective ways to raise support for a specific fundraising effort. They can also be transformative moments that accelerate support and impact more lives for years to come. However, a campaign can quickly become a painful and possibly “life threatening” endeavor without the right planning and preparation.

Therefore, pre-campaign planning should include the scope of the project, the impact it will have on the organization’s beneficiaries, the financial implications for the organization, the funding plan, and the communications and donor engagement plans.

10 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Capital Campaign

As you look to develop the strategic plan for your capital campaign, here are 10 questions you can ask to ensure your organization is ready:

  1. What is our vision?
  2. Is the board as engaged as the CEO?
  3. Is the CEO as engaged as the development/advancement team?
  4. Is the case emotionally compelling?
  5. Does the plan represent the organization’s philanthropic priorities?
  6. Do key stakeholders recognize their input in the final plan?
  7. Does the plan motivate donors to action?
  8. Is the financial goal attainable?
  9. Do we have the resources to implement the plan?
  10. Can we win the campaign on paper?

Despite your best intentions, one of the worst things you can do as a fundraising professional is to launch a capital  campaign without first articulating a vision and then creating a sound plan for implementation and successful completion. Answering these 10 questions is a great place to start.

Has your nonprofit ever conducted a capital campaign? If so, what are some other important questions you asked during the pre-capital campaign planning phase?