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Does your blood pressure increase when you think about organizing all of the data you have on your donors?

You’re not alone. Across industries, we have access to a great amount of data, but only 0.5% of data is ever analyzed and used.

Today’s technology gives you access to massive amounts of information about your donors. But what do you do with it all? There is so much to learn about your donors and so much to do. But what is actionable and helpful? Where do you even begin?

There is a way to fundraise smarter by utilizing this wealth of information that is accessible. What could you accomplish if you were really able to make data-backed decisions? This month we’re pleased to share a brand new infographic called 5 Steps to Win at Data-Driven Fundraising.

Get clarity around the data you need to track to reach your fundraising goals. In this infographic you’ll receive step by step guidance to win at data-driven fundraising. We explore:

  • How to define your fundraising goal
  • The top metrics to measure the health of your file and donor relationships
  • Best practices to measure your progress
  • How to optimize for best results

Download 5 Steps to Win at Data-Driven Fundraising to discover how to use data to reach your fundraising goals.

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