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Digital fundraising has become one of the hottest topics among nonprofit leaders and fundraising professionals. But it’s more than a fad. Last week, we shared how digital fundraising campaigns can make an immediate impact in a nonprofit’s fundraising efforts when their executed properly.

However, “going viral” isn’t the only benefit of digital fundraising campaigns. In fact, the greatest thing about online campaigns is the opportunity they create for long-term fundraising success.

3 Long-Term Benefits of Digital Fundraising

In addition to being a more cost-effective and viral opportunity to engage donors, here are three distinctive long-term benefits of digital fundraising campaigns:

1.  They allow your organization to engage and cultivate the next generation of major donors earlier.

Figuring out a way to acquire and cultivate Millennials is top of mind for many nonprofits today, at least those who are thinking about developing a long-term impact. Digital fundraising campaigns provide the opportunity to start building that relationship earlier through a channel they are actively involved.

2.  They create new opportunities to collect factual data that inform future engagements.

Gathering factual data is an important part of any digital fundraising strategy, but what you do with that data is often more important. Ultimately, digital fundraising campaigns allow you to augment an abundance of factual data (recency, frequency, monetary value, and wealth screening) to improve the way you communicate with your donors.

3.  They enable you to gather additional behavioral data to improve the way you communicate with each individual donor.

Digital campaigns often create a vital source of data on what matters most to participants: demographic information, which branch of the nonprofit’s mission is most appealing to them, their interests and involvement with your cause, and more.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of digital fundraising?

The key to acquiring and upgrading donors online is simple: create an educational and entertaining way to inspire your audience to take action.


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