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Giving Days have become a popular way for nonprofits to reach more donors and raise more money, especially in today’s increasingly noisy world. However, planning a Giving Day can be a lot of work. Making the most of the opportunity can be difficult on top of your daily responsibilities.

When planning a Giving Day, you want to make sure no stone goes unturned and nothing falls through the cracks. So how do you make sure you execute a Giving Day successfully? Here are just a few reminders.

4 Tips to Make Your Giving Day a Success

1. Choose a date for your Giving Day that means something to your organization. Think: organizational milestone.

2. Pick a fundraising goal you can be confident you’ll meet. Choose a goal that is big but plausible. The point of this day is for it to be a success and increase morale.

3. Make sure your messaging is consistent across channels. Tell one story on multiple channels. This builds awareness. And don’t forget mobile!

4. Have an intentional plan for follow-up after the Giving Day campaign ends. Every donor should receive a “thank you.” Make sure your Giving Day becomes a catalyst for future fundraising efforts.

 Will you try Giving Days in 2016?

Make Giving Days more than simply “something else” your organization participates in. Consider how you can maximize the opportunity to transform your fundraising efforts by working smarter, not harder. Download the entire Giving Days Checklist to get started today!