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Digital fundraising campaigns have become an innovative way for nonprofit organizations to create these type of catalytic events as a way to engage donors in the 21st century. Whether it’s a social game, online quiz, or another edutainment experience, digital fundraising campaigns provide nonprofits with an innovative opportunity to engage donors in unique ways.

5 Keys to Creating a Powerful Digital Fundraising Campaign

If you want to successfully acquire or upgrade today’s donors through a digital campaign, here are five steps to effectively execute an edutainment experience…

  1. Plan Strategically for Maximum Impact. An online campaign can be an effective way to bring new names onto the file and involve existing constituents with the brand. However, thinking strategically through the timing of your campaign is critical. Any digital acquisition campaign should be integrated into your nonprofit’s overall fundraising rhythm.
  2. Set Quantifiable Goals. Every digital campaign should exist to solve a fundraising problem (e.g. – slow acquisition, a lack of digital engagement, or poor donor understanding of the brand).
  3. Maximize Opportunities to Develop a Pre-Launch Buzz. The weeks before the campaign begins are an important time to raise awareness and encourage signups. A digital fundraising campaign isn’t effective when no one knows it exists.
  4. Design an Engaging Experience. If you truly want to leverage a digital campaign as a way to acquire or upgrade donors, it needs to be appealing.
  5. Leverage the Native Benefits of the Internet. The Internet can turn a single campaign into a “viral” sensation in ways that other fundraising strategies cannot. In order for your edutainment experience to truly take off, you need to make sure your campaign is built to leverage the native “viral” benefits the Internet provides. Make sure your digital campaign provides the opportunity for people to share through social networks. Leverage multi-channel communication early and often.
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Whether your goal is to acquire new donors or raise more money, you need a strategy that educates and entertains your audience while ultimately inspiring them to take action.