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Digital fundraising has become one of the hottest topics among nonprofit leaders and fundraising professionals. But it’s more than a fad. Online campaigns have proven to become a valuable opportunity for nonprofit organizations looking to engage potential and current donors in the 21st century.

The key to acquiring and upgrading donors online is simple: create an educational and entertaining way to inspire your audience to take action.

However, your nonprofit shouldn’t launch a digital campaign simply because it’s the trendy thing to do. You should have an intentional strategy for planning your campaign, developing a pre-launch buzz, and leveraging to native benefits of the Internet to maximize the impact.

5 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Digital Fundraising Campaign

If you want to experience the benefits that a digital fundraising campaign can provide, you need to think through your campaign from beginning to end…

  • What is your organization currently doing to acquire and upgrade new donors? Are your current strategies producing the results you want?
  • What fundraising problem are you trying to solve through a digital campaign? Are you using it as a way to support your donor pipeline or generate short-term revenue?
  • How does it tie into your overall fundraising strategy?
  • How can you connect your case for support to an entertaining experience that people want to join and share?
  • What is your strategy following the campaign to steward new names and current donors into deeper levels of engagement to your cause?

Digital fundraising can seem like an overwhelming concept. However, taking time to think through those questions is the first step towards experiencing the benefits an online campaign can provide.

Is Your Nonprofit Ready for a Digital Fundraising Campaign?

The campaign itself is just half of the formula for a meaningful edutainment experience. The real “secret” to an effective digital fundraising campaign is what you do next.