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Earlier this week we had a fantastic webinar on expanding your nonprofit’s reach with social media. Our organizations all have so many “likes” and “followers” online but are we really utilizing that opportunity effectively?

There’s no reason that you shouldn’t be turning those social media fans into flag waving evangelists who help you reach your fundraising goals. Here are five practical take-aways to turn your social media fans into fundraisers.

5 Tips to Turn Your Social Media Fans Into Fundraisers

  1. Identify social influencers. Do some research to determine who is connected to your organization that is influential. A single share could generate hundreds of other shares if it’s strong content coming from a social influencer.
  2. Use incentives. Have you given people a reason to like your page or subscribe to your content? According to Social Factor, 79% of U.S. consumers who’ve “liked” a brand on Facebook did so in order to receive discounts or other incentives.
  3. Create a fun and frictionless process. We’ve seen great results from “Buzzfeed” style quizzes that capture user information. Those quiz results are just so shareable! (You know you’ve done it once or twice!)
  4. Let donors give feedback and engage. Whether it’s a survey or asking for feedback or advice, give donors the opportunity to engage online.
  5. Don’t forget: tell one story across multiple channels. Make sure your direct mail, social media, and email campaigns all tell the same story. This really makes an impact.

What’s most important to remember when connecting with social media fans is to do whatever you can to make it easy and interesting for your fans to engage. So put on your social media user hat and ask yourself, “would I do what we’re asking our fans to do if I were in their shoes?”

To learn more ways to engage your donors in personal and relevant ways online, download our resource, The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Fundraising.