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Digital fundraising campaigns have become an innovative way for nonprofit organizations to create these type of catalytic events as a way to engage donors in the 21st century. Whether it’s a social game, online quiz, or another edutainment experience, digital fundraising campaigns provide nonprofits with an innovative opportunity to engage donors in unique ways.

(Almost) Everything You Should Know about Digital Fundraising

Over the past few weeks, Rebecca Gregory Segovia has provided an in-depth look at the incredible opportunities that online campaigns create for nonprofit organizations and what it takes for digital fundraising success. In case you missed them, here’s a look at some of the most valuable insights she has shared over the past few weeks.

  1. “Going Viral” Isn’t the Only Benefit of Digital Fundraising. Increased awareness and engagement are common byproducts of digital fundraising campaigns, but how do they impact your organization’s overall mission? This post shares an in-depth look at some of the immediate benefits your organization can experience by investing in a digital fundraising campaign.
  2. 5 Keys to Creating a Powerful Digital Fundraising Campaign. If you want to successfully acquire or upgrade today’s donors through a digital campaign, this post shares five steps to effectively executing an edutainment experience.
  3. The “Secret” to Digital Fundraising Success. For many nonprofits, digital fundraising is an innovative way to create a catalytic event to drive future donor behavior. An edutainment experience can be hugely successful in terms of acquiring and upgrading donors during the campaign. However, the real secret to digital fundraising success is having a premeditated follow up strategy to create a long-term impact for your fundraising efforts.
  4. 5 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Digital Fundraising Campaign. If you want to experience the benefits that a digital fundraising campaign can provide, you need to think through your campaign from beginning to end.
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