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Nonprofit organizations that use an integrated approach for direct mail to drive multichannel communications are more likely to achieve their fundraising goals. Research shows that donors who give through multiple channels (e.g., via mail and online) provide 100+ percent more total revenue than single-channel givers.

The reason is simple: When donors interact with an organization across multiple channels—whether by email, web, direct mail, social media, or other means—they build a deeper, more personal relationship. Every interaction increases the donor’s lifetime value. Integrating communication streams across multiple channels is the best way to increase both donor response and total revenue. It’s not an “either or.” It’s a “both and.”

Two Ways to Integrate Digital and Direct Mail to Increase Fundraising Results

The key to success is learning how to use the appropriate channel for the appropriate donor at the appropriate time.Messages must be linked, timed, and branded.

As you look to engage donors through an integrated approach, here are a few ideas:

  1. Start a story through direct mail and finish it online. For example, you could send direct mail letter that references a story of a young girl impacted by your organization. Then post a video on your website or use other online content that tells how donors’ gifts are helping many girls like her. Once donors hear the rest of the story, offer them another chance to give.
  2. Engage donors directly and track behavioral data. Another efficient cross-channel pathway involves the use of PURLs (personalized web addresses) in a direct mail appeal or invitation to drive donors to a website. Not only does this give you the ability to engage donors directly via email,it also allows you to track the responses and capture important behavioral data.
What’s your strategy for integrating digital and direct mail?

The key to success is a strategic, multistage engagement pathway. Donors can enter the communication stream via direct mail, email, online, or social media—it’s their choice—and they’re also given multiple giving opportunities depending on the available analytics.

You can learn more about using direct mail and social media together to drive awesome results for your organization by downloading our resource, “Direct Mail Is Alive and Well.”

Have you integrated direct mail with electronic channels of communication? What were the results?