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For many nonprofits, digital fundraising is an innovative way to create a catalytic event to drive future donor behavior. An edutainment experience can be hugely successful in terms of acquiring and upgrading donors during the campaign.

However, the real secret to success is having a premeditated follow up strategy to create a long-term impact for your fundraising efforts. Without the proper follow up strategy to translate the new interest and names into increased donor support, the impact of your digital fundraising campaign can only go so far.

How to Maximize a Digital Fundraising Campaign Through Strategic Follow Up

If you want your edutainment experience to create a long-term impact for your fundraising efforts, here are five things you need to remember when the campaign comes to a close:

1. The End of a Campaign is the Beginning of Cultivation. The first few post-campaign interactions should serve as a bridge between the experience itself and ongoing cultivation.

2. Optimize Behavioral Data for Your Donor Stewardship Strategy. When viewed as an integrated part of the larger fundraising plan, digital campaigns can become an excellent way to gather behavioral dataabout your donors.

3. Leverage Engagement to Prioritize and Identify Opportunities to Upgrade Donors. Digital fundraising campaigns are an incredibly effective way to prioritize the donors in your file.Whether it’s a social game, online quiz, or another edutainment experience, involvement indicates engagement.

4. Develop a Long-Term Strategy for Engaging Participants. While a digital fundraising campaign can provide a valuable opportunity to engage prospective donors in new ways, the real value is experienced in their long-term commitment to your organization.


Learn How Your Cause can Leverage Digital Fundraising to Achieve Your Goals

Digital fundraising has become one of the hottest topics among nonprofit leaders and fundraising professionals. But it’s more than a fad. Online campaigns have proven to become a valuable opportunity for nonprofit organizations looking to engage potential and current donors in the 21st century.

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