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The digital world is changing right before our eyes. Thanks to sites like Amazon, we can now make purchases online with a single click or swipe from a phone. We can have products reordered automatically and get recommendations based on what we’ve browsed or bought.

Across the board, perceptions of what an ideal digital experience should be are changing. That includes how donors give to nonprofits online.

Today’s digital donors are approaching their philanthropic priorities with a subconscious expectation—leaving organizations under increased pressure to deliver an Amazon-esque experience. It doesn’t matter if your organization isn’t as big as Amazon or doesn’t have the vast resources that Amazon does, people now expect you to deliver the same personal, relevant, and convenient digital experiences that Amazon provides.

The Digital Donation Revolution: 5 Online Fundraising Tactics that Actually Work (and Reduce Costs)

The good news is that your organization can provide an Amazon-level experience for your donors. And you don’t need Amazon-level resources to do it. In this paper, we’ll identify some key tactics you can start using today to provide a better digital experience—and potentially help to reduce some of your costs in the process.

In this resource you will learn:

  • Five proven tactics revolutionizing the digital donation experience
  • How to meet your donors where they are online
  • How to create personal, relevant, and timely digital experiences for your constituents

Download The Digital Donation Revolution today to learn how you can engage more donors online and make it easier than ever for them to give to your organization.