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Pursuant Blog Pics 10.24.004In today’s battle of the inboxes, tweets, Facebook updates, text messages, and banner ads flying across the screen, organizations can’t afford to ignore online fundraising 101 strategies to motivate and inspire supporters to donate money.

Are you ready to improve your online fundraising strategy to connect with donors and drive donations? Here are a few trends, tips, and tricks you should know:

Study: Old Donors Catch Up in Online Giving >> “In 2010, only 29% of donors 66 years of age and up said they gave to a charity online. In 2014, 59% of that group gave online. The number of older online donors doubled in only four years.”

10 Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits >> “‘Donate Now’ buttons were launched in the late 1990′s and since then the nonprofit sector has learned through trial and error the basics of successful online fundraising”

Unleash Your Non-Profit’s Online Fundraising Potential (Tips & Tricks) >> “In general, people go online for one of two reasons: either they are doing work, or looking for a diversion (entertainment). Your non-profit does not easily fit into either of those two areas for most donors. Thus, when communicating with your donors online, you need to remember that you are not their top priority.

How to Integrate Online and Direct Mail Communication to Increase Fundraising ResultsWhen donors interact with an organization across multiple channels—whether by email, web, direct mail, social media, or other means—they build a deeper, more personal relationship. Every interaction increases the donor’s lifetime value. Integrating communication streams across multiple channels is the best way to increase both donor response and total revenue. It’s not an “either or.” It’s a ‘both and.’”

What are some of the best online fundraising tips, tricks, and advice you’ve learned over the years?