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At Pursuant we have the honor of partnering with many kinds of nonprofit organizations to help them fund their mission, including some of the world’s leading hospitals and healthcare foundations.

Over the course of years collaborating with our partners, we found that many nonprofit leaders of hospitals and foundations are dealing with a very unique and specific set of challenges in their Grateful Patient Programs. A majority of the major donor population is getting older and many hospitals are working to identify and build relationships with the next generation of major donors. In a world that demands increased and intense personalization, HIPAA regulations can create significant roadblocks. These challenges can make it extremely difficult for development directors and foundation leaders to fully-fund their work, especially as fundraising goals and demands continue to increase.

Today we’d like to share an innovative way we can help nonprofits overcome these obstacles and accelerate giving from their grateful patient population.

3 Ways Pursuant’s Innovative Solution Can Help Grow Your Grateful Patient Program

Pursuant has been serving hospitals for more than 15 years. Our Prospector Platform helps hospitals raise more money and find new donors by activating a unique combination of analytics, storytelling, and strategic support. Prospector Platform is uniquely designed to help hospitals elevate giving from their grateful patient population in three ways:

1. Enhance the experience and gain valuable insights. Prospector Platform helps you build stronger relationships with individuals by fostering a two-way conversation. Using an omni-channel campaign, Prospector Platform listens to your grateful patient population using video-based storytelling to identify their specific Interests. This allows you to cultivate them in a way that is relevant and deepens their connection to your hospital accelerating revenue generation.

2. Maximize your resources and optimize effectiveness. Prospector Platform helps you maximize internal resources by enhancing your ability to engage and activate potential mid-level or major donors. As individuals respond to the campaign, Prospector Platform can easily scale to provide more or fewer prospects to scale with your development team’s capacity. The result is a consistently fresh drip of your best mid-level or major gift prospects.

3. Know who will give if asked. Prospector Platform goes well beyond wealth to proactively identify your next set of donors. Using proprietary analytics and modeling developed by PhD data scientists, Prospector Platform predicts an individual’s probability to give with pinpoint accuracy. We then engage the group most likely to give through an immersive experience. The result? Increased interest and affinity for supporting your mission.

Are you looking for a new way to activate your grateful patient program and accelerate giving? Click here to learn more about the tool that Penn Medicine and Virginia Hospital Center both use.