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Just how massively important is it to say “thank you” to your donors? Those two short words can have a massive impact. But, just how much…?

These are the questions that latest body of research by Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Professor Jen Shang set out to answer. In the recently released study: The Role of Donor Acknowledgements, we learn about the effect of saying thank you and answer questions like:

  • How long after hearing “thank you” do donors feel good?
  • Does it matter how you say “thank you”?
  • What does saying “thank you” mean for our donors’ subsequent behavior

In this episode of the Go Beyond: Pursuant Listening Experience, Taylor Shanklin sat down with Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Professor Jen Shang of the Philanthropy Centre to unpack the latest body of research and the “aha” moments that the two uncovered from the study.

Be sure to download the study on the Philanthropy Centre website here:www.philanthropy-centre.org/learning-to…-thank-you/

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