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Being a good storyteller is essential for being an effective fundraiser. It personalizes the fundraising process by helping donors see how they can change the world by changing an individual’s life and reminding them of the work your organization is doing.

But what makes a great story? How can you and your organization craft stories that resonate with donors and inspire them to act?

Those are the questions we set out to answer in our latest fundraising resource.

RESOURCE: The Ultimate Storytelling Kit for Fundraisers

In partnership with our friend Geoffrey Berwind, we created The Ultimate Storytelling Kit for Fundraisers to help you:

  • Master the components of effective storytelling.
  • Empower every person in your organization to compel donors through stories.
  • Transform your communication to achieve maximum results.

Are you ready to inspire donors to act?

Download your free copy of The Ultimate Storytelling Kit for Fundraisers today. In it, you’ll find over 30 tips, tools, and examples to help you become an effective storyteller who excels in inspiring donors to take action.

We’d love to know: What are some of your favorite stories to share with donors?