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There’s no denying that fundraising is an art. Inspiring donors, to support a cause, has always required organizations to tell great stories. However, storytelling is more than reporting facts and figures.

Effective storytelling puts a face on the cause an organization supports. It emotionally attaches a person or organization to the mission. It personalizes the fundraising process by helping donors see how they can change the world by changing an individual’s life and reminding them of the work your organization is doing.

Keys to Effective Storytelling in the Changing World of Fundraising

If you want to connect with today’s donors, here are two essential elements of great storytelling:

  • Great storytelling is built around a compelling vision that inspires donors. When people believe in why you do what you do, they have the potential to become a powerful force in support of your mission to change the world. Organizations spend a great deal of time explaining what they do. Those, who clearly communicate why they are called to action, will touch the hearts of potential donors.
  • Great storytelling presents a case for support in a way that motivates donors to support your cause. Your case for support is your organization’s differentiator. It’s what sets the work you’re doing apart from other organizations and showcases how your organization is going to make a difference through the support your donors give. What distinguishes your cause from the many other causes that are asking for support? The difference often is highlighted through storytelling.

Today’s donors expect to be inspired by compelling visual content. It’s not enough to rely on printed materials alone; today’s donors need short, attention-grabbing visual content that invites them to look at the mission of the organization.

Are You Ready to Tell Great Stories that Inspire People to Give?

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