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Building a strong and vibrant relationship with your donors is one of the most important things a nonprofit can do. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to find the time to establish relationships with donors. Phone calls, people dropping by, employee issues, and e-mails seem like a giant time-sucking machine that descends from the ceiling in your office and vacuums the life out of your day.

Secrets to Building Strong Relationships with Donors

Here are some of the best resources we’ve found over the past few weeks for building highly effective relationships with your support base:

  • Be My Valentine? How to Show Donors You Care. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Nonprofit Hub is proposing that instead of succumbing to the commercial-created holiday, you use it to show your true love for people that mean a lot to your organization—the donors.

Have you heard? We’re partnering with our friends at Bloomerang to explore the future of relational fundraising. Click here to learn more and stay tuned…