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The fundraising landscape is changing rapidly and the challenges facing many of today’s nonprofit organizations have never been greater. Fortunately, the key to overcoming these new challenges and meeting the increased demands of today’s fundraising world can be found by learning how to balance the art and science of fundraising.

Balancing the Art and Science of Fundraising

There’s no denying that fundraising is an art. Great storytelling and the art of building relationships will always be part of the formula for fundraising success.

However, the science of fundraising guarantees the relationships you build and the stories you share with donors will help you connect with those who have the highest propensity and interest in funding your mission.

In this resource, Trent Ricker provides an in-depth look at balancing the art and science of fundraising as a way to improve the way you engage donors and ultimately achieve greater results.


Download Balancing the Art and Science of Fundraising” to learn how your organization can ensure the time, energy, and effort that you spend engaging donors provides the greatest return on your investment.