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A healthy donor pipeline is critical for creating long-term sustainable impact. While managing the day-to-day activities required to move donors through that pipeline is a challenge by itself, it’s important that you take time to step back, evaluate your strategy, and look for ways to intentionally improve your efforts.

Managing a healthy donor pipeline can be a challenging task even for nonprofit organizations with the best tools and latest technologies. While it’s easy to tell when one area of the donor pipeline isn’t working, creating the right movement within the donor continuum requires a knowledgeable and intentional focus on all of the details required to move donors towards greater levels of commitment. This is why your role as a nonprofit professional is so critical.

Failing to think about the donor pipeline comprehensively can lead to snap judgments and faulty strategy. Decisions made based on just one area can create a bottleneck in others, causing the pipeline to dry up completely.

Today, we’re excited to share with you a brand new content paper that takes a deep dive into four innovative ways you can optimize your donor pipeline and increase fundraising results.

Do you know how to evaluate the true health of your pipeline by identifying the key metrics that matter? Are you looking for innovative ways to improve every area of the pipeline from acquisition to upgrade? Would you like to optimize your efforts by creating an integrated experience that resonates with every donor?

This resource was developed to help you answer each of those questions.

As a nonprofit leader or development director, you are uniquely positioned to manage your organization’s donor pipeline. At the same time, much of the health and sustainability of your pipeline rests on the decisions you make. Download Optimize Your Donor Pipeline today to learn how you can optimize your strategy and create the most opportunities for fundraising success.