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You want to reach people with the resources to make your vision a reality. Then you want them to give — again. And again, and again. Studies show it costs far less to keep a donor in your file than it does to attract new ones.

But what makes a donor stick around? We wanted to know so we could share it with you. That’s why we sponsored groundbreaking research into relationship fundraising by Rogare, the fundraising think tank.

The process is called “the donor journey” which is outlined in the research. But because you may not have the time you’d like to read the full report, we’ve created the following resource.

Relationship Fundraising Pocket Guide: “The Donor Journey”

In The Relationship Fundraising Pocket Guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase engagement and giving by offering donors choice.
  • Invite donors to a deeper relationship with your organization.
  • Shift your thinking towards cultivating relationships vs. transactional fundraising.

Ready to learn how relationship fundraising can deeply impact your interactions with donors?


Download The Relationship Fundraising Pocket Guide to get started today.