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As an agency built by fundraisers for fundraisers, we’ve been a part of hundreds of RFPs over the years — issuing them while working within an organization and responding to them as an agency. We know the pain of putting in countless hours managing the process and reviewing responses — only to wonder if you’re making the right decision.

What if there was a better way? What if there was a way to actually gain the clarity you need to feel like you can make a confident decision?

That’s what this kit is all about. If you’ve been frustrated by the fundraising RFP process, or you’re simply looking to optimize the time you spend looking for the right partner, this kit is for you. The comprehensive kit includes:

  • Request for a New Process eBook
  • Comprehensive Direct Response RFP Template
  • Analytics Services RFP Template
  • 4 Questions to Ask Before You Send an RFP Infographic

Download the kit today to ensure your next fundraising RFP helps you find a partner that will truly empower your organization to thrive.

Are you issuing an RFP to find a partner to help take your fundraising program to the next level? We’d love to be considered! As an agency built by fundraisers for fundraisers, Pursuant has helped hundreds of organizations raise billions of dollars through our direct response, direct mail, digital, and analytics services. Reach out to a member of our team here or email us at info@pursuant.wpengine.com.

Download the RFP Kit Today!