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Digital fundraising is an essential part of almost every organization’s year-end strategy. But just because it’s a priority, doesn’t mean that developing an infallible strategy is easy.

While the timeless principles for reaching donors and inspiring them to give still hold true, the way in which we apply them digitally is constantly evolving.

How do you ensure your nonprofit is applying the latest trends in digital fundraising to maximize the potential of your year-end campaign?

That is the question we work to answer in this resource.

The 2017 Digital Year-End Fundraising Field Guide

In this resource, Pursuant’s Director of Digital Strategy, Mikey Centrella, unpacks the latest digital fundraising benchmarks to help you know where you stand and prioritize your efforts heading into calendar year-end.

The 2017 Digital Year-End Fundraising Field Guide will help you…

  • Maximize your digital fundraising budget by focusing on the channels and advertising strategies that provide the greatest return on investment.
  • Develop a year-end campaign based on the preferences and expectations of today’s donors.
  • Enhance your digital fundraising efforts with “secret” tips and tricks used by the nation’s leading nonprofits.

Are you ready to eliminate the guesswork of your digital year-end fundraising efforts?

Download The 2017 Digital Year-End Fundraising Field Guide today.