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According to fundraising researcher and expert Dr. Adrian Sargeant, a 10% improvement in your donor retention rate can equal 200% in donor lifetime value. Not only is retention critical to a healthy donor pipeline, but it also costs less to keep a donor than to acquire a new one.

The most effective tool you can use to achieve that 10% improvement is a sustaining giving program. Executed well, a sustaining giving program has the potential to provide predictability in an often unpredictable climate and build a long-lasting relationship with constituents who otherwise might have been one-time donors.

The Intelligent Fundraiser’s Guide to Sustaining Giving

Whether you have a long-running sustaining giving program or are considering launching one, this resource arms you with practical strategies and best practices to ensure you are running an effective sustaining giving program. In this content paper you will learn:

  • Why a sustaining giving program is the apex of retention
  • Who to recruit in your sustaining giving program and how to connect with them
  • What to do after new donors have joined your sustaining giving program
  • Proven best practices to upgrade recurring donors

Download the Intelligent Fundraiser’s Guide to Sustaining Giving today to learn how to build a sustaining giving program that will impact your organization’s bottom line for years to come.