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This week, kids across the country traded in their Play Stations and backyard baseball games for pencils and backpacks, marking the beginning of the end for another summer season.  Even if summer was a slower season for your nonprofit organization, chances are it wasn’t slow for you. Between the Little League games, summer vacations, and all of the other activities, more than likely your summer was anything but slow.

As a way to help you get back into the swing of things for an even busier fall, we wanted to revisit some of our top resources from the past few months in case you missed them.

3 Fundraising Resources You Might Have Missed This Summer

Here are three of our most popular resources that can help you prepare as you gear up for a busy season of fundraising:

1.Creating a Culture of Philanthropy by Breaking Down Walls. Developing a culture of philanthropy that runs throughout your organization can be one of the most beneficial things a nonprofit can do when it comes to reaching their fundraising goals. But there’s a big difference between understanding what it takes in theory and actually making it a reality. In this webinar,Rachel Muir dives deep into what it takes to create a culture of philanthropy and shares some practical ways you can develop one bybreaking down the walls between programs and development.

Ideal Content For: Senior Level Leaders, Development Directors, and Programming Directors

2.Leveraging Content to Start, Stoke, and Speed Up Donor Engagement. Content marketing has become an increasingly popular buzzword in the nonprofit industry. But what does it really mean and how can you leverage it to accomplish your fundraising goals? In this webinar,Ben Stroup identifies the shifts that are forcing nonprofit communicators to think about content marketing. He also uncovers some practical ways your nonprofit can start leveraging content marketing today to increase engagement with donors.

Ideal Content For: Nonprofit Communication and Marketing Teams

3.Revealing Your Donors’ Interests to Upgrade Their Giving. If you’re going to meet with a donor face-to-face at any point over the next several months, you definitely don’t want to miss this webinar. In itRachel Muir andErik Tomalis explain how you can maximize your time and effectively upgrade donors by revealing their passions and interests. If you want to make every second with a donor count, this webinar is filled with some great advice.

Ideal Content For: Senior Level Leaders, Development Directors, and Gift Officers

Stay Informed About All of Our Fundraising Resources

One of our goals at Pursuant is to educate and equip nonprofit professionals with some of the most relevant and innovative fundraising resources available. Whether it’s our webinar series, content resources, fundraising tools, or custom trainings we want to do everything we can to help you be more successful.

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What’s the one thing you’re most excited about for this upcoming season?