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Your organization’s vision defines what you want to accomplish and the time frame in which you will get it done. It is your “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.”

But how exactly do you tie vision to fundraising? Here are three tools that we’ve created to help nonprofits organize your ideas and implement a successful strategy.

Tool #1: Fundraising Strategy Map

But how exactly do you tie vision to fundraising? We at Pursuant have created a “Fundraising Strategy Map” to help you answer that question and several more:

  • Over this next year, where are my fundraising efforts going?
  • Given the vision of my organization (what we’re trying to accomplish this next year) what fundraising efforts do we need to use across the whole pyramid?
  • Most importantly, how do those pieces fit together?

This tool captures a comprehensive view of what we want our clients to have as it relates to their fundraising strategies. It puts it all on one sheet of paper and drives your thinking across the entire pyramid.

Tool #2: Communication Channel Plan

How do translate your fundraising strategy into effective donor engagement?

Pursuant’s “Communication Channel Plan” helps you fully utilize every channel available to reach different donors. It shows how these channels might be leveraged across different stages of engagement so you can effectively use every channel to advance and deepen donor relationships.

Tool #3: Integrated Direct Response Calendar

Do you find you’re doing lots of stuff but those things aren’t connecting together in a uniform plan?

Our “Integrated Direct Response Calendar” provides a comprehensive overview of communications by month and key dates. The calendar has space to identify both annual and quarterly themes, key campaigns, and what is taking place in direct mail, the online “digital drumbeat,” social media, special events, and so on.

Does your fundraising planning give you the “big picture”? Do you intentionally coordinate communications across all channels to optimize results and reach your vision?