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Every nonprofit knows how important the month of December is when it comes to achieving their fundraising goals, but did you know that 33% of donations made in December occur on the 31st of the month?

If you want to maximize the opportunity that year-end fundraising provides, you must have an intentional strategy for elevating your campaign the final week of the year. While you might feel behind when it comes to planning your year-end fundraising campaign, there are still simple changes you can make to elevate your campaign and finish strong.

3 Ways to Elevate Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign for a Strong Finish

If you want to maximize your opportunity for year-end fundraising success, here are three things to consider:

  • Optimize your website for year-end giving. Update the homepage of your website to feature your year-end giving campaign. Make it as easy as possible for donors to directly connect to your donation page.
  • Send weekly communication pieces the last two weeks of the year. Most donors know they will make a year-end gift, but some are still undecided about how much they will give. Continue to share your case for support and make it easy for them to give at the last moment.
  • Send daily digital communication pieces the last four days of the year. Most of the communication at this point will happen online via e-mails, social media, video mail, etc. Consider sending the first of your final emails to everyone in your entire donor file who hasn’t given. For the next send, suppress the names of those who opened the previous last-chance email and resend the email again.

Are you ready to take your year-end campaign to the next level?

Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of every day at the end of the year. Donors are busy and you should be strategic in your final year-end ask.

If you’re ready to make the most of the opportunity that a year-end fundraising campaign can create, download our free infographic today to get your step-by-step guide to achieving your year-end fundraising goals.