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And just like that 2015 is basically in the bag and 2016 quickly approaches. If you’re a strategist at heart your pulse quickens this time of year.

A new year. A blank slate. A fresh start.

There’s so much to be excited about as we approach 2016. This is the year your organization can make a bigger difference than ever before. There’s nothing like looking into the eyes of those who benefit from the work of your organization and seeing the difference that has been made. You want to do better this year—for them.  

So as you prepare for a new year to do even better than before, I want to encourage you to start by taking in a few resources.

5 Resources to Take In as You Prepare for 2016 Fundraising

1. Read Curt Swindoll’s The Future of Fundraising. This content paper takes a deep dive into what nonprofits can expect by 2020. This will get your wheels turning and offer some sound commentary on four trends that we continue to see take shape.

2. Subscribe to the Nonprofit Radio podcast. Tony Martignetti hosts the weekly fundraising podcast. He has new guests each week and discusses timely subjects. It’s not to be missed.

3. Follow Pursuant CEO Trent Ricker on Linkedin. If you’re not following thought leaders in the nonprofit space on Linkedin yet, start today. Trent’s monthly articles center around leadership, technology and innovation.

4. Download the Digital Fundraising Infographic. Are you maximizing the opportunity of digital? Grade your current strategy against the digital fundraising infographic and see how you can improve in 2016.

5. Subscribe to the Pursuant blog. Each week we provide fresh insights on the fundraising space and seek to give you a unique perspective on how to marry decades of proven best practices with the latest technology. In 2016 we have some really special new offerings for you, like a monthly in-depth interview with a nonprofit leader. We hope you’ll come along for the ride next year. It will be really fun.

2016 is most certainly the year that you can work smarter, not harder to see the dreams you have for your organization come true.

Why not start today by subscribing, downloading, reading and following these resources so you can have the best possible start to the year?