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Compelling donors to give starts with helping them understand the heartbeat of your cause. Too many donor communication pieces fail to adequately engage donor passion for the mission. Every communication piece to donors should aim to inspire them by how our work is changing lives. Harnessing donor passion will drive giving long before the latest technology will. We inspire that passion through compelling storytelling.

Five Ways to Craft a Compelling Story for Your Year-End Campaign
  1. Search out compelling examples from among your constituents to share how your nonprofit has impacted the community.
  2. Ask volunteers to share why they give their time.
  3. Craft donor letters around individual stories and embed videos of stories in emails and on your website.
  4. Make sure there is a specific call to action at the end of each story – to donate, share socially, or engage a friend.
  5. Build a library of stories that you can archive online for visitors to read or watch.

Giving to charity is deeply tied to our core values as well as how we view ourselves. Surveys reveal that donors aren’t affected by statistics, but they will respond to depictions of need and ways they can make a difference. Your organization has a story that will move people. Be sure to share it in an impactful way for an effective year-end campaign.

What are some of the most compelling stories of how your organization has made an impact?