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We live in a world where more things are competing for our attention, and the attention of our donors, than ever before. Nonprofits can’t compete for the attention of your donors with more facts and information about our cause. You also can’t compete pushing them to a desired action. You have to earn their attention.

A compelling vision is essential if you want to motivate donors to support your cause both now and in the future. Your vision should tell the story of your organization’s priorities and ultimately take your donors on a journey that recognizes each gift as their participation in helping bring to fruition the organization’s vision and multi-year goals.

“I Have a Dream: The Importance of Vision” highlights valuable lessons for nonprofit leaders from two famous “dream” speeches to illustrate the power of sharing a precise and simple vision with your donors.

Through this resource you’ll learn:

  • Timeless principles every nonprofit leader can learn about casting vision
  • Common nonprofit vision-casting mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • How to connect your vision to a compelling story that moves donors to support your cause.

If you ready to inspire donors through a compelling vision, join Trent Ricker as he explores the importance of vision in fundraising in this resource, “I Have A Dream — The Importance of Vision.”