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Inspiring donors to support a cause has always required nonprofits and fundraisers to tell great stories. Effective storytelling puts a face on the cause an organization supports. It emotionally attaches a person or organization to the mission. It personalizes the fundraising process by helping donors see how they can change the world by changing an individual’s life and reminding them of the work your organization is doing.

We believe exceptional storytelling creates emotion and leads to action.

But where can you find the stories that inspire donors to act? You might not have to look as hard as you think.

Everything is a Story

Stories are a part of who we are as humans. Here’s a video our team produced a few years ago to show how stories can be found all around us:

Pursuant Promotional Video 2011 – “Everything Is A Story” from Joel Bernsen on Vimeo.


I’d love to know: Where are some of the best places your organization finds stories to inspire donors?