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Has the appropriate amount of attention been dedicated to aligning all of your fundraising components across the donor pyramid and each stage of the donor relationship? Use our fundraising worksheets to provide an assessment of specific elements within your fundraising program and gain insight into where you need to focus your attention in order to develop a complete comprehensive fundraising plan.

Communication Channel Plan – Find out how you can leverage the diverse channels of communication available to you along with the stages of relationship that you’re in with different donors to more effectively  communicate, advance and deepen your relationships with those donors.

Fundraising Strategy Map – Capture the overarching elements of your fundraising plan on one sheet. Use this map to drive your thinking across the entire donor pyramid. Ask yourself, “Over the next year where do I want our fundraising efforts to go? Given what we are trying to accomplish this year, where do we need to place efforts across the whole donor pyramid and how do all of our pieces fit together?”

Integrated Direct Response Calendar – Do you find you’re doing lots of stuff but that those things aren’t connecting together in a uniform plan? Do you have a cursory view of what you want to accomplish annually? Quarterly? Elevating the value of your communication, consider a complete direct response plan—one that examines all levels of the pyramid as well as channels of delivery.