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We’ve officially reached the halfway point of 2014. Some of you might be right on track to reach your annual fund goals for the year. Others of you might be breaking out in a cold sweat as you worry about whether or not you’re going to meet your goals.


Month-By-Month Fundraising Tips for the Rest of 2014

Nonprofits spend a lot of time planning on an annual basis, but what can you do to adjust and improve your plan for the rest of the year? If you want to make the most of the rest of 2014, here are some important areas of focus to consider over the next six months:

July: Research & Strategize

 Analyze your database and evaluate your analytics to learn more about your constituent’s aptitude to give to your organization. Sure, you can try to talk to everybody in the next six months, but the better question is, “WHO should you being talking to?”

Consider leveraging RFM, wealth profile, and behavioral engagement data to rank your donor files and determine who might want to engage with you about giving. Identify their preferred method of communication (i.e. – face to face, in the mail, or online) based on previous engagements. What you uncover will play a significant role in your strategy for the next six months–and it just might surprise you.

August & September: Acquire & Engage

Deploy an integrated, cross-channel brand experience to quickly target and cultivate the new names and engaged donors you identified. Let them experience your brand. Give them numerous opportunities to engage and give. This also includes providing them with ways to activate their network on your behalf.

October: Retain & Steward

Re-engage your new friends and existing donors in a highly-personalized conversation that allows for a bi-directional conversation. Reflect back what you’ve learned about their personal preferences from your research. Show them the tangible difference they are making by supporting your organization. Share your philanthropic vision along the way and show how they make your work possible. Ask for their support.

November & December: Ask & Upgrade

Everything you’ve done up until this point will help you drive towards a year-end crescendo. Evaluate the data you’ve acquired. Segment appropriately. Define and upgrade potential donors where appropriate. Be thankful and make sure your donors know how much you appreciate them. Make a targeted ask based on what you’ve learned. Leverage year-end giving to capitalize on people looking to make significant contributions at the end of the year.

Regardless of your current situation, I’d encourage you to spend some time organizing your calendars and considering how you can make the most of each day remaining in 2014.

What are some things you’re doing now to prepare for the busy months ahead?