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Integration. It’s a great word. It means to take separate parts and form, coordinate, or combine them together into a functioning or unified whole.

In the realm of nonprofit marketing, integration can be an incredibly positive and beneficial thing. It means taking all the different efforts we have that exist in separate silos—data, social media, email, websites, blogging, etc.—and centralizing, connecting and combining them to better focus your marketing and fundraising.

Not only can marketing integration help your nonprofit better communicate with donors, it can help you better understand how all your efforts work together for one singular purpose: Connecting supporters with your organization and cause.

3 Key Benefits of Marketing Integration for Nonprofit Organizations

Software and technology can help you integrate your marketing efforts to more effectively speak to donors. Here are three important advantages of integration:

1. Actionable data. You can get real-time insights on individual donors. Fully integrated software allows you to have confidence in the data you already collect and open the door to even bigger possibilities. The more data you have, the better you can speak to your donors, and the stronger the relationships you can build.

2. Smarter fundraising strategies. In addition to improving donor engagement with personalization and segmentation, integration also allows you to see how donors are interacting with your communication efforts. You can easily see and determine what’s working and what’s not across the multichannel spectrum for donors on a collective and individual basis.

3. Streamlined donor engagement. Most nonprofits today are using a variety of different marketing tools to engage donors. It’s not at all unusual to cobble together MailChimp for email, Hootsuite for social media, Google Analytics for website tracking, WordPress for blog management, plus your CRM for reporting and general data management. Integration can align all of these things and allow you to activate and measure donor engagement through one single solution.

Integrate Your Marketing Efforts for Better Results and Insights

Technology today has provided a lot of great tools to make marketing and fundraising efforts quicker, easier, and more effective. Unfortunately, at this point, these tools tend to be piling up, depleting time, and hindering efficiency for many organizations.

Take an honest look at your nonprofit marketing efforts and ask yourself:

  • Are you connecting with your donors on a personal and individual level?
  • Are you effectively measuring the results off all your marketing efforts?
  • Are you collecting and using data to provide better donor experiences?
  • Are you delivering cohesive and efficient marketing across channels?

If you answered “no” to any or all of those questions, you may want to explore automation for your nonprofit. By integrating all your efforts into one convenient platform, you can save time, provide more personal donor communications, and better measure the results of your efforts.