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It’s been seven years since the Great Recession began, yet many organizations still face floundering annual funds. Unfortunately, the commonality of this persistent problem has 
created a whole new set of challenges for many nonprofit leaders.

Two New Challenges for Today’s Nonprofit Leaders

As economic improvement has occurred, many organizations haven’t followed at an appropriate pace by ramping up to pre-Recession investment levels. Instead, boards have adapted to the “new reality” of these current giving levels and are now charging nonprofit leaders to increase revenue without increasing the budget.

In addition, a board may be pushing to resume the capital campaign that got postponed during the Recession. So they ask the organization’s leaders to evaluate how the nonprofit can not only increase its annual fund, but also embark on a planning study to prepare for a campaign.

These two challenges can present obvious problems (and an added level of stress) for nonprofit leaders. It might not seem fair, but it is reality.

The Only Way to Overcome These New Challenges

If this is the life of fundraising leadership post-Great Recession, how do you cope? What can you do to resurrect your annual fund that has seen declines since 2008 and has had trouble turning the corner to trend back toward pre-Recession levels?

In our free resource entitled Resurrecting a Declining Annual Fund, Pursuant CEO Trent Ricker shares the principle that can help you overcome these challenges:

“Anyone can do more with more. Good leaders can do more
 with the same. But it takes exceptional leaders to do more with less.”

In this new reality, exceptional fundraising leaders need to figure out how to “do more with less.” Fortunately, the task may not be as daunting as it sounds…

Are You Ready to Do More with Less?

The new challenges in this post-Recession world of nonprofit leadership can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. It’s entirely possible for you to get your annual fund back on track without having to completely change your strategy.

What are some ways you’ve learned to do more with less when it comes to getting your fundraising levels back where they were before the Recession?