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So much of nonprofit work requires human interaction. Shelters, educational services, and religious groups provide support by being present in meaningful ways. This may be why peer-to-peer fundraising has been so successful for many nonprofits. People who support the work share their personal connection to the work and rally their own connections to join the cause. But now that the COVID-19 outbreak has placed restrictions on the social gatherings where many of these campaigns take place, fundraising has just gotten way more challenging. Peer-to-peer fundraising can still be just as effective, but nonprofits may need to re-frame it a bit. Here are two ways you can encourage your advocate fundraisers in their campaign work.

#1 Replace Organized Competitions with Solo Events

Many peer-to-peer campaigns revolve around community-wide competitions. From half marathons to century rides to trail competitions, people love to use their favorite sport to make a difference in the world. Now that these organized competitions have been cancelled, you’ll want to shift gears so you don’t lose that funding. Get your donors to complete their chosen event solo, on the same date, so they can complete their campaign and keep funding the cause.

Fundraising specialist Colleen Legge sees an opportunity to reach entire families: “Ask people to get outside and do the walk with their family, and ask every person to raise a certain amount. But what’s been a little bit magical about this time, if I’m trying to find the positive and a lot of hard, is that you’re seeing more people go outside with their families and take walks.” Getting more people involved with your cause will have tremendous long-term benefits!

#2 Host Livestream Fundraising Events

Livestream competitions are growing across the country and would be an excellent way to grow your peer-to-peer fundraising in this uncertain time. Fundraising specialist Matthew Mielcarek shares:

“I often encourage clients who are looking to the future of peer-to-peer specifically to look at the innovative Extra Life program, The Children’s Miracle Network has launched. Many of you may know it as playing video games for 24 hours a day—but it’s really more than that. It’s about the community of videogamers—by the way, the average age of that community of fundraisers is around 34, 35. So dramatically older than I would have suspected! But the magic there is really about the community and then tapping into that community, livestreaming that videogame play, and then fundraising around it and for it to.”

Moving into this online space for a peer-to-peer campaign will open doors to new donors—something every organization can get onboard with!

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