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Pursuant Blog Pics 10.24.005A highly-engaged and proactive nonprofit board can become one of the most valuable assets for any nonprofit organization. However, developing a board of directors that makes a significant impact for your organization is a lot easier said than done.

For many nonprofit leaders and fundraising professionals, the board of directors seems to cause more headaches than being the heartbeat that drives your organization forward.

If you’re ready to build a board you can be proud of, here are a few helpful ideas from our leaders at Pursuant and across the web…

1.   25 Ways Your Board May Be Failing from Board Assist

“Is your board truly helping your organization or getting in the way. Do many of these sound familiar? If so, it’s time to do something.”

2.   10 Questions to Ask Prospective Board Members (and 5 Things They Should Be Asking You) by Rachel Muir

“Let’s say your organization has identified a strong board prospect.The stage you are in right now is a lot like being on a job interview, and you need to remember the old adage: interview them as much as they are interviewing you. Here are 10 questions you can (and should) ask every prospective board member along with 5 questions they should be asking you.”

3.   12 Questions About the Role of Boards in Fundraising from Bloomerang

What role should boards play when it comes to fundraising? Our friends at Bloomerang share some great advice from their recent webinar.

4.   7 Rules for Successfully Soliciting Your Board by Gail Perry

Getting the financial support of your board doesn’t really need to be such a huge challenge. If you just take charge behind the scenes, you can really make it happen. And it just might be easier than you think.