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Giving Genome

Working together to move the Giving Industry forward.

Understanding better, together.

Decoding supporter behavior is our passion, but we can’t do it alone. We created The Giving Genome Project to collaborate with nonprofit organizations and partners to better understand how and why supporters engage.

We strive to be an information hub for the benefit of all.

Donor Loyalty Benchmarking Study

Donor loyalty defined and measured across sectors, channels, sources and giving levels.

Pursuant Giving Outlook

Pursuant Giving Outlook 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the course of fundraising seemingly overnight. Did your organization miss the exit?

Strategic Segmentation

Strategic Segmentation

Know What Actually Motivates Donors to Give (and Develop a Plan to Cultivate Them)

Every non-profit is now a data company. Who you are, who you reach and how you reach them now depends on one core thing: data.

Mark Vander Sanden
Executive Vice President and CIO of Aqua Finance

Award-winning Storytelling

Once you know the right people to engage, you have to create modern, engaging and beautiful content that touches people’s hearts.

We combine content, creative and channel with emotional storytelling to create experiences that stand out and move people to action.

“We knew something had to change. We needed new strategies and tactics for stewarding and retaining our existing donors.”

Vanessa Andrews
Chief Development Officer

"Our partnership with Pursuant has significantly changed the way we target, leverage and execute our mass marketing strategies. Their innovative solutions and expertise have resulted in measurable upticks in both our engagement activities and revenue. We trust their team to help us to better understand the relational needs of our investors, and how best we can serve them."

Blake Silverstrom
Vice President of Donor Engagement

"Pursuant helped us shake the trees to reveal our strongest general fund supporters."

Krista Byers
National Director of Integrated Fundraising

"By partnering with Pursuant, we have leveraged analytics and insights to gain a better understanding of the giving behaviors of our donors, employees, patients and our community. Their innovative solutions and expertise have helped to both evolve our internal culture and grow our revenue. As a result, we have developed strategies, both short and long term, to drive more meaningful relationships with our supporters."

Bente Weitekamp
Vice President of Development

"Speaking as someone who is very territorial over our data, I feel 100% comfortable with the Pursuant team and your ability to slice and dice our data. Yesterday’s presentation was great!"

Cathy Hyman
Director, Gift Records and Acknowledgements at Children's Medical Center Foundation

"We entrusted our reputation and financial health to Pursuant wisdom and strategy and they came through! Not only did our supporters love the connection with Moody, they happily responded! We regained their support- some lapsed as long as five years- and solidified our relationship for the future."

Bruce Everhart
Vice President, Donor Development and Channel Strategy

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