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See GivingDNA in action alongside your peers in fundraising. Tour the Platform on 5/26/21 @ 12pm CDT.

It’s 2021, and doing things virtually from home — whether it’s holiday zooms with family, game nights with friends, or religious services — has become the new normal. Last year, we tapped our friend Reggie Rivers at the gala team to get his insight into how nonprofits can maximize virtual galas. We got Reggie back on the line to learn how this model has evolved in the subsequent months, and what the future might hold for “hybrid events.” We also dug into the question of who on your donor file are the most valuable candidates to reach through this channel. 
Learn more about Reggie Rivers and the Gala Team by visiting https://www.thegalateam.com/

Are you asking questions about your fundraising data, but are struggling to find actionable insights? Pursuant’s GivingDNA platform is here to help. We combine your constituent data, donation data, third party information, and tack on augmented intelligence to provide you with insights about who is giving to you, what motivates them to give, and which channels through which they prefer to engage. 

The Platform also comes with baked in opportunity segments that show you who is most likely to give a large gift, is most likely to lapse, and most likely to give monthly. All this and much more is at the fingertips of fundraisers like you, no IT or data analyst required. Learn more at https://old2020.pursuant.com/givingdna-platform/ today.