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Over the last few years it’s become increasingly popular for for-profit brands to make bold, sometimes polarizing statements in their marketing. By doubling down on their core values, brave brands have been able to grow their bottom line and their tribe of raving fans.

How can nonprofit marketers benefit by adopting these tactics? It takes the right combination of courage, data-driven decision making, and knowledge of what resonates with your most valuable supporters.
Our latest Pursuant Listening Experience unpacks insights gleaned from the 2018 Digital Marketing Summit. Taylor Shanklin, VP of Marketing for Pursuant, and Leah Davenport, Digital Marketing Specialist, discuss what makes these marketing strategies so powerful.

A few topics we explore in this conversation include:

  • How your nonprofit  can take a bold stand without alienating valuable donors
  • Ways to win donor loyalty by leaning into your nonprofit’s core values
  • How to achieve breakthrough fundraising results through calculated marketing risks

Today’s leading brands are abandoning wishy-washy messaging in favor of bold stances that set them apart. Tune in to learn how to apply these principles in your fundraising efforts.

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