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The fundraising world is transforming and the challenges have never been greater. The cost of fundraising continues to rise. Nonprofit leaders are facing more accountability with less resources. Gift officers are pressured to cultivate the next generation of major donors. And nonprofits have more information about donors than ever before, but are still struggling to raise more money.

You have greater challenges, tighter budgets and less time than ever before, so how can you save time and raise more? Here are ten ways.

10 Ways Fundraisers Can Save Time and Raise More

  1. Allow data to be the diplomat. Nonprofit leaders should use data to validate or challenge every idea.
  2. Make information actionable with a donor listening platform. Pursuant’s Donor Listening Platform can save fundraisers as much as 900 hours per year by eliminating data silos. (Source)
  3. Use marketplace data to discover donors with the capacity to give more. 44% of donors admit they can give more. (Source)
  4. Go beyond giving data to identify donors with the greatest capacity and interest. Donors who are actively engaged give as much as 74% more than casual donors. (Source)
  5. Equip your staff with the right information to cultivate the right donors. Focusing on the right donor at the right time can cut in half the time it takes to cultivate a major gift. (Source)
  6. Develop a systematic process to optimize the time, energy, and resources of your staff. Gift officers waste 15-20 hours per week analyzing portfolios and researching prospects.
  7. Segment your donor pyramid to strategically target each donor. Geographic. Demographic. Segment size. Psychological. Behavioral.
  8. Create a personal experience for every donor based on their preferences and interest. Making a personalized ask can increase overall fundraising results by 24%. (Source)
  9. Engage donors through multiple channels to increase overall fundraising results. Multi-channel fundraising can increase the overall number of gifts by 20%. (Source)
  10. Don’t underestimate the power of video to rise above the noise and inspire donors. 57% of Americans have donated after watching a nonprofit’s video. (Source)

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