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It isn’t very often that something new related to fundraising comes along…but this week it’s happening.

For over a year we have been planning and working toward the release of brand new relationship fundraising research conducted by Dr. Adrian Sargeant, Ian MacQuillen and the researchers at Rogare, the fundraising thinktank at Plymouth University’s Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy in the United Kingdom.

Today we want to give you a sneak peek of Dr. Sargeant’s research–the first of its kind in over 25 years.

Dr. Adrian Sargeant: A Sneak Peek of Relationship Fundraising

So what have we learned over the past 25 years? What do donors want? What do they care about? What is critical to engagement in today’s world? This study, under the direction of Dr. Adrian Sargeant, perhaps the world’s foremost academic expert on fundraising, will offer you incredible insights that will help you be more effective in your fundraising efforts.

Be on the lookout on Friday, January 22, when the entire four volume report will be available to download right here on Pursuant.com.