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Doctors’ Day is coming up on March 30th. It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the incredible contributions that doctors make to our lives every day, and inspire giving among the patients and families they care for.

One thing we’ve found through conversations with our partners across the country, is that many hospitals are looking for new ways to elevate their Doctors’ Day campaigns. While the tried and true direct mail appeal – with a few complementing emails – felt sufficient for a while, there is a sense that constituents are ready for a fresh and innovative experience.

We agree. The technology and analytics available to organizations today can provide insights that equip hospitals to move past outbound communication and create an experience that fosters connection, deepens loyalty and drives generosity.

With the goal of leveraging those available resources to provide a cost-effective campaign that will allow your organization – big or small – to activate a more powerful Doctors’ Day, we developed the Doctors’ Day Accelerator, designed to address three primary challenges:

  1. You need to do more with less. Expectations are higher and resources are lower. Quickly connecting donors to campaign results and impact, Doctors’ Day Accelerator effectively helps you increase commitment and loyalty.
  2. You need to keep donors engaged. You have more competition than ever when it comes to the hearts of your donors. Doctors’ Day Accelerator enhances your ability to activate donors by cultivating participants through a series of personal, relevant, and timely emails.
  3. You need to find points of authentic and heartfelt connection. Combining the power of viral fundraising with relationship fundraising principles, Doctors’ Day Accelerator engages individuals using an inspiring, immersive experience intended to deepen their connection and commitment to your hospital.

Doctors’ Day presents an opportunity to engage your constituency in a more meaningful way. To learn more and determine if the Doctors’ Day Accelerator is right for your hospital, contact us.