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Technology has changed the way we keep in touch, learn new information and do business. The impact of technology has touched virtually every aspect of life and fundraising is no exception.

Especially with the emergence of mobile technology, the online world has begun melding into the donor’s physical world and a plethora of donor communication channels have opened up to nonprofit organizations. Today’s donors expect to hear a congruent message that shares the same story in every interaction they have with an organization. But more than that, they want to be engaged in personal, relevant, and timely ways based on both their interest and affinity for the cause.

Why You Need to Become an Expert on the Integrated Donor Experience

“Integrated fundraising” has become a popular buzzword for many nonprofit leaders. And for good reason. Today’s donors want to engage with your organization in personal, relevant, and timely ways.

Unfortunately, just because it’s important doesn’t make it easy. Organizational misalignment, limited resources, and disparate data can make it difficult to develop an integrated donor experience.

We’re excited to share that we’ve just completed a new long-form content paper that unpacks what you need to know about integrated fundraising.

The Intelligent Fundraiser’s Guide to Integrated Fundraising helps you break down those barriers and identify ways you can begin creating truly integrated donor experience.

In the resource, you’ll learn how to:

  • Break down the organizational silos that prevent integration.
  • Develop a donor-centric fundraising strategy to drive your efforts.
  • Measure and optimize your effectiveness and integrated fundraising efforts.

Most nonprofits recognize the importance of engaging donors through multiple channels, but many times these efforts either aren’t strategic or aren’t centered around the goal of driving
donors toward deeper levels of engagement with the organization. To optimize the use of all
communication channels and thereby increase donor engagement, nonprofits must move toward an integrated fundraising approach.

Take the first step toward enhancing efficiency within your organization and creating deeper, more meaningful relationships with your donors. Download the Intelligent Fundraiser’s Guide to Integrated Fundraising today.