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There are hundreds of donors primed to be upgraded who are currently buried at the bottom of your donor pyramid. They don’t belong there. They belong in the middle of the pyramid—and someday, the top.

3 Steps to Upgrade Every Donor in Your Pipeline

Here are three easy steps to upgrading general fund donors into mid-level donors, and mid-level donors into major gift donors:

Step 1: Identify your best prospects.

Start by looking at your general fund donors. Many donors have not given at the mid-level yet simply because they have not been asked. Leverage data to identify donors who might be ready to move into the mid-level range. Look for donors who have given the same amount consistently year after year. For major donor prospects, consider leveraging marketplace and observation data to identify donors with the greatest capacity and interest to give more.

Step 2: Craft a compelling and personal message.

Prospective mid-level donors need to hear a compelling message crafted just for them. They need to know why their gift is important, and how a larger gift will make even more of an impact. Optimize your “case for support” and prepare development officers for personal interactions.

This is where fundraising automation tools can play a huge role. Rather than “blasting” your entire list with the same messages, technology allows you segment your donor base and provide personalized content and contextualized giving prompts to improve your upgrading efforts.

Step 3: Equip your gift officers to cultivate donors.

The best way to cultivate the major donors who are going to support your organization over the next 50 years is to develop a plan to further upgrade current mid-level donors who are giving to your organization today. It’s not about just finding wealthy strangers who can generate a one-time windfall for your organization.

To secure commitments today and develop the pipeline for future major donors, equip your development officers with tools that can help them increase their effectiveness.

What are you doing today to have an impact on the financial health of your organization tomorrow?