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Nonprofits are always searching for ways to acquire new donors. However, there is a serious dilemma happening behind the scenes and it’s causing organizations to lose out on potentially hundreds-of-thousands, if not millions, of dollars each year.

5 Alarming Donor Trends (And How to Overcome Them)

In our latest infograph, we wanted to bring to light some of the major issues that many of today’s nonprofits have when it comes to retaining donors.

Here are five statistics from the infograph that nonprofits are losing donors almost as fast as they can gan them:

donor retention statistics

But we didn’t want to stop there…

In the second half of The Donor Retention Dilemma we wanted to provide nonprofits with some simple steps they can take to be more effective when it comes to engaging their donors and improving donor retention.

Are you ready to reverse the falling trends in donor retention?

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What are some ways your organization has committed to improving donor retention?